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Come and choose one of the 7 spa hotels Bristol Group. Indulge in ultimate comfort and feel real quality hotel services only. We take care of that for you spa stay an unforgettable experience.

With many years of tradition and experience gained in the hotel we offer first class accommodation, professional service and spa treatments of the highest quality.

Under the name Bristol Group is hiding a group of hotel facilities which includes the most famous and most visited in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. It consists of two basic departments, each different in their position.


Bristol Royal

A constellation of hotels on the foothill in the romantic West end, surrounded by the English park, provides its guests unique luxurious accommodation with a charming view of the town. Apart from that it offers modern comfortable equipment and its own balneology operations, with the remarkable advantage of underground corridors connecting individual buildings...

Bristol Riverside

Another part of Bristol Group is represented by the hotel "Kolonáda". The Kolonáda hotel is situated in the centre of the spa town on the bank of the Teplá river, near the mineral springs and colonnades.






One of the most precious and attractive buildings within Bristol Group is undoubtedly the former Bristol, current Bristol-Palace. This stately structure, one of the most beautiful hallmarks of Karlovy Vary, was built at the end of the 19th century in 1890, in a quiet part of the town called the "Westend". The current appearance of villas in the West end has been influenced by the activities of two famous local families - that of physician William Fasolt and the hotel entrepreneurs, Mr and Ms Teller. Between 1872 and 1908 they built several villas for accommodation and treatment purposes including the Bristol (now Bristol-Palace), Königsvila (King's villa), Tereza and Fasolt (now Livia). Natural gardens were established around the whole compound, which contributes to the magic of the place. The Bristol-Palace building, designed by Viennese architects Hans Schidl and Alfred Bayer, bears clear marks of Vienna historicism inspired by chateau architecture.


Of all the famous people who have visited Bristol in the past we can name at least the Archduke Franz Albert, Count Kinsky's family or Sigmund Freud. The Austrian Empress Elisabeth nicknamed "Sisi" chose Villa Tereza as her holiday house (1893). Among the esteemed guests of times gone by there were major Soviet army marshals, politicians, artists and writers, later also Soviet cosmonauts, namely Konev and Malinovski, Ms V. P. Brezhneva, Mr Kosygin, patriarch of the Russian orthodox Church Pimen, director Bondarchuk, cosmonaut Beregovoy and others. Part of the premises (Bristol-Palace) was used as a military hospital during WWII. After the war the houses were first transferred into state property, and later became part of the national government institution SANOPZ.



Karlovy Vary


Once upon a time Emperor Charles IV. Was hunting in the mountain' s forests and valleys. During the hunt , one of the dogs began to chase the white doe. While he was running the dog fell into the boiling water, where the Hot Spring now gushes.

Hunters, who heard the dog' s howling, rushed because they thought the dog was injured. The sight that greeted them was surprising. They stepped closer and pulled the dog out of the pool. Then they tasted boiling water. The inng was informed of the event and than together with his companions went to the place of incident. He found for himself an unprecedented masterpiece of nature. He found together with his doctors, that the hot water can to heal severe illness and is very effective and empowering when is it used. Then he tasted the water himself and felt relief. The legend says, the ruler had a bad leg at the time, it was healed. With finding, Charles IV. Pleased, and decreed, that this miraculous place would be inhabited and houses built around the spring.

After what the monarch healed thanks to the miraculous water, leaved in place to build a new city. The name, which carries a spa town, is a reminder of its discoverer. It is named after Emperor Charles' spa, Karlovy Vary. The exact date when the city was founded is unknown. The formation of settlements near Geyser, is dated from around 1350.


The spa town became operational soon after the foundation, but the real boom was finished in the 16th century. At that time Karlovy Vary began to prosper in spa industry and also started development of building . This period but lasted only briefly. The city was prosecuted with natural disasters and did not help Thirty Years War. Wretched Karlovy Vary lost their visitors and residents had to focus on another source of livelihood. At that time it began traditional crafts to develop in Karlovy Vary - cutlery, needle, rifle, tin and more.

In the 17th century was situation on tourism better and it started to go in the right direction. The town is popular with aristocrats from Russia, Poland and Saxony. The most important visitor this period was Peter the Great.

In the 18th century the Karlovy Vary again enjoying the traffic and the rising popularity of spa treatments. The existing accommodation is not enough, so it must be build new ones. 1736 is also built St. Mary Magdalene Church. Spas are becoming more popular especially among foreign visitors. Already known and popular are spa treatments and beautiful atmosphere is interesting also for known artists who draw their inspiration here. Among the famous visitors were Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven, Chopin, Paganini and others.

During the 19th century run construction of important architectural treasures of the city. It was for example Mill and Market Colonnade, Imperial Baths and the Municipal Theatre. Among the church buildings was a Orthodox Church of Saint Peter and Paul or the Anglican Church of Saint Luke. With the advent of World War I, building development has stalled. Construction of the railway leaded to the still greater influx of guests. Karlovy Vary spa was not only important but also the venue for hosting social, scientific, cultural and political meetings, which were attended for example by Gogol, Lizst, Freud, Barrande, Fontane, Dvořák, Marx, Brahms and many others. Karlovy Vary reached the top. Annually, there were treated over 70,000 patients.

Golden period was suppressed by the World War I, then came the economic crisis and World War II and normalization. Here came especially guests from the Soviet Union. All the buildings were built in the style of socialist realism. For example the Hot Spring Colonnade. It was made a rescue efforts for the past glory of spa and a separate city. The treatment programs were supplemented by spa treatments. Also was carried out the modernization of spa operations and reconstruction of historic buildings.

Again returning of the lost luster of Karlovy Vary did not take so long and guests came back from around the world again . Due to the uniqueness of spa springs and traditional spa treatments, major social events and a variety of leisure activities, come visitors from all around the world also in the 21st century. Unforgettable atmosphere of peaceful city, romantic walks through the colonnades, the murmur of River Tepla and clatter of horses hoof - these are the main features of the international Spa Karlovy Vary.


The meeting of the European aristocracy - the last day of April
Opening of the Spa season - first May Saturday
historical procession of Charles IV. across the city, and unlocking the springs and other accompanying program
Food festival - labor day
the best cooks of the Karlovy Vary region are showcasing, guests have the opportunity to taste the prepared dishes and beverages
Karlovy Vary Carnival - in the middle of the month of June
the parade of allegorical wagons and the people in masks and other accompanying program
International Film Festival - the first week of July
most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe, the competition of feature films, guests have the opportunity to see the nominated films in cinemas and meet famous people
City triathlon Karlovy Vary - the third weekend of August
Czech Cup AGE GROUPS and relay race and the European Cup in the Olympic triathlon
Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival - early September
Dvorak autumn every weekend in September
symphony orchestras are held in honor of the composer Antonín Dvořák
Tourfilm - the beginning of October
Festival of Tourism Films annually honors the best commercials, movies, online presentations, which help in the development of tourism
Saint Mary Magdalene Church
Orthodox Church of Saint Peter and Paul
Saint Andrew Church
Saint Linhart Church
Saint Luke Church
Main Post Office
Castle Tower
City Theater
Post Court
Imperial Bath
The Lookout of Charles IV.
Goethe's Lookout
Deer Leap
Three Crosses
Petr´s upland


Important places

Park Colonnade (Park Spring, Snake Spring)

- from hotel Bristol app. 80 m/less than 1 minute walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 120 m/1 minute walk

Freedom Spring Arbour ( Freedom Spring)

- from hotel Bristol app. 120 m/1 minute walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 80 m/less than 1 minute walk

Mill Colonnade (Rock Spring, Libuše Spring, Mill Spring, Rusalka Spring, Prince Wenceslas I., Prince Wenceslas II.)

- from hotel Bristol app. 200 m/1,5 minutes walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 130 m/1 minute walk

Market Colonnade ( Lower Castle Spring , Market spring, The Charles IV. Spring)

- from Bristol app. 420 m/8 minutes walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 400 m / 8 minutes walk

Hot Spring Colonnade (Hot Spring)

- from hotel Bristol app. 400 m/8 minutes walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 350 m/7 minutes walk

Castle Colonnade (Upper Castle Spring)

- from hotel Bristol app. 600 m /11 minutes walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 450 m/9 minutes walk

City center

- from hotel Bristol app. 400 m/8 minutes walk

- from hotel Kolonada app. 300 meters /6 minutes walk

International Airport Karlovy Vary

- from hotel Bristol app. 13 km/21 minutes by car

- from hotel Kolonada app. 9 km/17 minutes by car

Bus and Train Station Terminal

- from hotel Bristol app. 2,4 km/8 minutes by car

- from hotel Kolonada app. 4,6 km/12 minutes by car

Train Station Karlovy Vary

- from hotel Bristol app. 3,2 km/9 minutes by car

- from hotel Kolonada app. 4.2 km/11 minutes by car

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