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The spa and hotel complex BRISTOL GROUP primarily offers a highest level of treatment based on combining traditional Carlsbad spa treatment with modern balneotherapy trends.

These resorts consist of 7 luxury spa hotels.

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Luxury accommodation
350 comfortably equipped rooms in the 7 luxurious hotels
Atractive location
close to all parks and colonnades with mineral springs
Own laboratory
more than 250 types of examinations and most of the results on the same day

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Bristol Palace
Královská Vila
Georgy House
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Spa City

Experience unforgettable moments in the heart of the largest and most famous spa town in the Czech Republic. The magnificent historical architecture, the magical atmosphere and the beneficial effects of hot mineral springs make Karlovy Vary a unique place that you simply have to visit. Come once and you'll be happy to come back again.

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Sadová 2023/19, Karlovy Vary, 360 01, Česká republika | IČO: 64833321 | DIČ: CZ64833321 | Reg.: Krajský soud v Plzni, dne 06.03.1996, sp. zn. C/7494
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