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Park Colonnade

Snake Spring - 30 °C

The spa guests have been encountering this spring since the year 2001; it contains fewer minerals than other sources, but it has larger quantities of CO2. The spring comes out from the snake’s mouth right in the Park Colonnade.

Park Spring - 47,4 °C

This spring burst out during excavation of the foundation pit for the Military Spa Institution in the middle of the 19th century. The spring comes out in the MSI area next to the Colonnade. It is accessible every day from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

Mill Colonnade

Rock Spring - 53 °C

The spring was rising from the river Teplá until the year 1845. After landscaping its water was brought to the location of today's Mill Colonnade

Libuše Spring - 62 °C

Originally known as the Elizabeth Rose Spring. It was formed by connecting four small springs.

Prince Wenceslas I. - 65 °C,

Prince Wenceslas II. -58 °C

Water from this source was used to produce the Karlovy Vary medicinal salt. In the late 18th century its yield and strength could be apparently compared with the Hot Spring. The Prince Wenceslas Spring is led to two spring vases. The Spring I flows out directly in the Colonnade, the Spring II in front of the Colonnade, opposite the orchestra stage.

Mill Spring - 56 °C

The spring has been used for the spa treatments already since the 16thcentury. Originally it was mainly used for bathing. It used to be possible to buy the water from this popular spring in almost all Czech pharmacies.

Rusalka Spring - 60 °C

From the 16th century and until the year 1945 it was called the New Spring. Water flowing from it used to be more popular than that of the Mill Spring. This spring used to have its own New Spring Colonnade, which was later rebuilt and renamed as the Mill Colonnade.

Hot Spring Colonnade

Hot Spring - 72 °C

This geyser yields on an average 2.000 litres of mineral water per minute. Today it is the only source used for bathing. The Hot Spring is also used for drinking cures. The Colonnade area contains a total of 5 containers with thermal water at the temperatures of 72, 57 and 41 °C. Due to the pressure, the column of hot spring water can spurt to the height of up to 12 meters.

Market Colonnade

The Market Spring - 62 °C

Since its discovery in 1838, the spring disappeared and reappeared several times. There were several boreholes drilled, thanks to which the today’s doctors are able to prescribe its water for drinking cures.

The Charles IV Spring - 64 °C

The curative abilities of this spring may have contributed to the decision of the Emperor Charles IV to build a spa here. The discovery of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) is attested by the relief placed above the spring.

Castle Colonnade

Lower Castle Spring - 55 °C,

Upper Castle Spring - 50 °C

Actually this is only one source which is led to the two spring vases. However, due to the greater altitude of the upper vents and the laws of physics, the Upper Castle Spring has a different temperature and CO2content when compared to the Lower Spring.

Alois Klein's Arbour

The Stephanie Spring - 13 °C

The bower with the Stephanie Spring can be found in a large park in front of the Parkhotel Richmond. It is open to the public without any restrictionsThe spring was discovered in 1884 and thanks to its composition it became an important part of the drinking cures. But the spring was lost in the first half of the 20th century and it was not rediscovered until the year 1993.

Freedom Spring Arbour

Freedom Spring - 60 °

This spring was discovered in the second half of the 19th century during the construction of the Spa III. It was given its current name at the end of the World War II. It was previously known as the Spa Spring and then it was named after the Emperor Franz Joseph I. The bower with the spring is situated between the Spa III and the Mill Colonnade.

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