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Spa Karlovy Vary

An important part of our spas are Karlovy Vary are mineral springs, on which is based the traditional spa treatment. Curative effects of local natural resources are known since the middle ages. The most important and best known traditional procedure in Karlovy Vary is drinking cure. For drinking cure are intended 13 mineral springs that vary in temperature and content of gaseous carbon dioxide.

Cooler springs are slightly laxative effects, warmer springs have had a dampening effect, slows the excretion of bile and gastric juice. The thermal water is recommended to take only after consultation with the doctor, which lays down the content and intervals between drinking treatments. It is recommended to drink water only from the traditional cups by slow walk, but close to the spring where it sprang to full therapeutic effect was achieved. In the mineral water is 47 elements, which are important for the human body.


  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • diabetes
  • gout and obesity
  • periodontitis
  • locomotor system diseases
  • liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tract diseases
  • conditions after oncological diseases
  • neurological disorders
  • and other diseases.

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