Carlsbad Spa Treatment

Mineral springs in Karlovy Vary

The basis of the Carlsbad spa treatment is the drinking of unique natural mineral water from the springs in Karlovy Vary. It is recommended to use thermal water only after consulting a physician who determines the combination, the amount of individual springs and the intervals between drinking. In connection with the use of mineral springs, the health condition and the immunity of humans improve.

The individual springs differ mainly in their composition, temperature and gaseous CO2 content. Thermal water in Karlovy Vary is unique as to its chemical composition and physical properties. Mineral water contains a large number of major and minor trace elements.


1. Hot Spring A
Hot Spring Colonnade
73,4 °C
60 l/min
1. Hot Spring B, C
Hot Spring Colonnade
50 °C; 30 °C
60 l/min
Pramen Karla IV.
2. The Charles IV. spring
Market Colonnade
63,8 °C
4,2 l/min
Zámecký pramen Dolní
3. Lower Castle spring
Market Colonnade
57,9 °C
4,0 l/min
Pramen Tržní
4. Market spring
Market Colonnade
64,8 °C
3,6 l/min
Zámecký pramen Horní
5. Upper Castle spring
Pavilion above the Castle Spa
54,6 °C
1,1 l/min
Pramen Mlýnský
6. Mill Spring
Mill Colonnade
57,7 °C
3,6 l/min
Pramen Rusalka
7. Rusalka Spring
Mill Colonnade
62,4 °C
6,5 l/min
Pramen knížete Václava I.
8. Prince Wenceslas I.
Mill Colonnade
66,3 °C
3,6 l/min
Pramen knížete Václava II.
8. Prince Wenceslas II.
Mill Colonnade
63,5 °C
2,6 l/min
Pramen Libuše
9. Libuše Spring
Mill Colonnade
62,4 °C
2,4 l/min
Pramen Skalní
10. Rock Spring
Mill Colonnade
47,8 °C
1,2 l/min
Pramen Svoboda
11. Liberty Spring
Liberty Spring Arbour
61,1 °C
5,4 l/min
Sadový pramen
12. Park Spring
Building of the Military Spa Institute
32,2 °C
1,2 l/min
Pramen Štěpánka
14. Stephany Spring
Aloise Klein’s Arbour (next to Richmond)
13,5 °C
0,3 l/min
Hadí pramen
15. Snake Spring
Park Colonnade
28,0 °C
1,8 l/min
Železnatý pramen
16. Iron Spring
Colonnade of the Iron Spring
8,5 °C
2,0 l/min


History of Carlsbad spa treatment

People have attested to the healing power to Karlovy Vary’s mineral springs long before the city was founded. Centuries-old traditional medical procedures are used in combination with modern trends of balneology during all spa treatments.

The first historically documented treatment took place at the end of the 14th century, when the ruler Charles IV would bath his sick legs in the mineral water of one of the springs. For the next 200 years, the baths were exclusively used for all therapies. In accordance with the knowledge of spa medicine, patients stayed in the hot baths until their skin cracked because only after cracking were all the ailments washed away from the body.

In 1521 the spa doctor Vaclav Payer started to use the spring water even for internal uses. The beginnings of the drink cures were at first rather peculiar - with then prescribed quantities of mineral water ranging from 3 to 5 litres a day.

It was only in the 18th century when Dr. David Becher brought a balance to drink cure thanks to his medical knowledge.

This renowned Carlsbad physician carried out the first scientific analyses of mineral water and managed to create a harmony between drinking and bathing treatments. He recommended drinking water from the springs standing right next to the source of the spring (here the CO2-absorbed water has a much greater effect) and introduced walking tours as a part of the therapy. He also dealt with individual treatments according to the patients diagnoses.

In the 19th century spa treatments were extended with diet food plans and started to use other natural healing resources (moor, peat, CO2) as much as possible. In the 20th century all of this have been supplemented by massages and other treatments.

Current spa treatments combine traditional medical procedures with the newest trends of balneology.

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