Harmony of the mind, soul and body

Wellness is the harmony of the mind, soul and body which goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle. It is a style of life that aims at health, good looks and great feelings. The basic pillars of wellness are natural movement, proper regimen and having a positive mood, while their balanced ratio together with a positive attitude to life, can to an extent, prevent the ageing process.


Wellness procedures

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

strengthens the resistance of the human body, reduces the incidence of various illnesses, increases physical condition, strengthens immunity, slows the aging process, protects against civilization diseases, etc.
Spa treatment information
  • warming up the body to a higher temperature than the normal body temperature, relaxes tired muscles and soothes stressed brain cells as the body releases endorphins into the blood
  • body cooling after use of the sauna is done by a cold shower located right next to the sauna
  • sauna is followed by resting on a lounger
  • rapid body warming, body cooling and subsequent rest is repeated approximately 3 times
  • temperature in the sauna is 90 - 95 ° C
  • entering the sauna is allowed only after use of a shower and without a swimsuit
Treatment duration
Recommended length of stay in the sauna and on the lounger is approx. 10 to 15 minutes


workout increases overall body condition, improves body posture, strengthens muscles, etc.
Spa treatment information
  • fitness zone is equipped with traditional dumbbells, a combined fitness machine, a bicycle, a treadmill, a vibration platform, benches, ladders, balloons, mats, etc.
  • tips for correct exercising techniques and machine handling are provided by a qualified staff



Swimming pool Bristol

Temperature: 27 - 28 °C
Depth: 1,2 - 1,4 m
Length: 21 m

Swimming pool Kolonáda

Temperature: 27 - 28 °C
Depth: 1,3 m
Dimensions: 8 x 4 m


Temperature: 35 - 36°C
Depth: 0,8 m
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